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We have recently sold the first D- series Volvo 27D model to a Mr Ben Daddow based in Portreath, Cornwall. This model replaces the older C- series machine which has been around for a few years now. The D – series machine continues to be a pleasure to operate, it is very smooth and powerful, utilising the latest technology.




Ben has spec'd his new machine to have the shorter dipper fitted along with an additional rear counter weight, this is because the machine is fitted with a steel wrist tilt and rotate system which incorporates two hydraulic hitches allowing the tilt/rotator to be easily dropped off and a hydraulic hammer to be used as necessary.




Since the machine was delivered and these pictures were taken Ben has used the machine in several different situations and he is very impressed with its operation.




Many thanks again Ben for your new custom and we wish you well for the coming new year.